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NEW DELHI: Former New Zealand cricketer Ian Smith believes that the Indian cricket team‘s inability to clinch major titles stems from a deep-rooted fear of failure. Despite their immense talent and skill, Team India has not secured a ICC trophy since 2013, leaving fans and experts perplexed.
Smith empathized with the team, acknowledging the immense pressure they face.According to him, fear of failure is a significant factor in sports, especially in cricket. He highlighted the unique burden that the Indian team carries, playing under the weight of unparalleled expectations.
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Smith also noted that no other team faces as much pressure, with the desire to win every game palpable among the huge fans.

“Fear of failure is a massive thing in sport. Pressure is a big thing. Being able to handle the big occasion. I mean, I don’t think any team in the world, or cricket in particular, plays with as much pressure on their shoulders as the Indian cricket team,” Smith was quoted as saying by PTI.
The constant need for victory makes every day a challenge for the players, intensifying the already high stakes of international cricket. The Indian cricket team’s journey is laden with expectations and scrutiny, making it a tough mental battle for the players.

“The expectation… desire from the population for the team to win almost every game. Every day you get out of bed you have to win. It’s a tough thing to have to bear,” Smith added.
The fear of failure and the pressure to constantly perform at their best loom large, hindering Team India’s quest for major titles. Despite their struggles, the team continues to strive for success, hoping to overcome these mental barriers and fulfill the dreams of millions of fans worldwide.

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