Tue. Jul 23rd, 2024

A cricket club for people recovering from substance use has been given bats and other equipment by Durham Cricket.

The professional club has donated shirts, pads and helmets to the Hartlepool team, which has been running for a few months.

Durham player Jonathan Bushnell recently attended a nets session with the amateur side.

He said it was clear the team sessions meant a lot to those taking part. “A key part of recovery is about connecting with other people,” he said.

One member of the team, who wished to remain anonymous, said he had been part of the Hartlepool club for two months.

The group, made up of about 10 men, plays every Monday morning.

“For a lot of people in recovery, I think the main issue with people is boredom and not having much to do or [having] somewhere to go,” he said.

“So it’s good to go and see other people and keep fit at the same time and just keep [on top of] your mental health.”

He said it was also “good to have a laugh with like-minded people”.

The team, which is run by substance misuse treatment service START, are looking for more people to join as they have a competitive match planned for later in the summer.

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